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Channel U is a 24-hour music TV Channel which began broadcast on the Sky Network (#467) in February 2003.

Channel U is the first in a range of channels to be launched in 2003 by Video Interactive Television PLC (VITV). VITV aims to produce channels that have a fresh approach to programming and move away from safe and predictable formulae to provide an altogether more rewarding and less patronising viewer experience.

Channel U will make music and other related topics of interest to the youth market available but the final choice of content will be determined by the viewers. Based on the Music TV jukebox model, Channel U has set about to revolutionise the music station concept by featuring more of what UK youth is really into.

Rather than just repeating the same old videos, Channel U will engage its viewers with regular DJ techniques, styling/make-up advice, choreography drawn direct from the latest music videos, studio tours with famous artists, skateboarding and gaming tips - all available to order over the phone.



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Extended artist interviews and documentaries are also planned, proving that young attention spans really can last longer than Hear'say's career.

The play-list will combine commercial/mainstream urban, alternative and rock with an eye for adding and developing new artists or releases before everyone has safely jumped on their bandwagon.

After 10pm, Channel U adds to its jukebox play-list some of the most daring and groundbreaking music videos of the last three decades, again all available for the viewer to order.