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‘Representing London Harlesden’ is a line taken off a verse from Slim (Don’tUnderestimate True Talented Youth)

Dutty’s debut solo single titled, Blood Puddles. Slim needs to stop being so modest and recognise that he’s representing hip hop for the entire UK - period. His acclaimed debut single, Blood Puddles was a blistering, lyrical attack on gun culture within the UK and cemented his status as a real talented newcomer. What’s more, Slim has compounded any critics who chose to label him as ‘the angry street rapper’ with a change of style that oozes commercial appeal.

The second single, of his yet, untitled debut album finds Slim asking all the eligible, young females out there to Party Wid Me. This kick ass tune is set to be a club banger and shows a funky side to UK hip-hop virtually unheard of in the UK mainstream. This catchy new single is guaranteed to have the ravers singing the chorus.

Party Wid Me appeals to all - both young and old that just wants to party and have fun. At the time of going to press.

Party Wid Me comes in four different flava’s, utilising Bhangra, R’n’B and of course a Dancehall mix that features the amazing vocal talents of Dutty Fam’ new recruit Tu’ Shaun who has recently signed to Trinity Records – certainly one to watch out for, he’s hot.

The predictions for Party Wid Me are one of crossover appeal and if those crystal balls are correct we should see some well-earned chart success in 2004.




Look 2 Good (official release)
Party Wid Me
Blood Puddles

Look 2 Good (official release)
Album Samples - The Story So Far

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Image Set 3

Press Cuts (zip)
Look 2 Good Notes
The Story so Far Album Notes

How It All Began In 1999, Harlesden NW10 received the dubious honour of the murder capital of London after a spate of gang related killings in the the area left eight people dead. One local resident, Adrian McFarlane aka Slim Dutty, was so infuriated by the black on black killings plaguing his community, he pledged to attack what he describe as the main causes of the violence; glamorisation of the gun. Four years later with a recording deal in tow Slim has stayed true true to his pledge in the gritty reality of his second solo effort with Trinity Records, the ominously titled Blood Puddles. Blood Puddles is intelligent rap for the wiser heads out there and a gospel inspired chorus beautifully sung by Ashley of female R'n'B Group, Esprit. Blood Puddles stands alone from the current vogue for glorifying guns and violence within UK rap. It has a strong anti gun message delivered with enough credibility to satisfy both the ardent rap fan and UK Culture Minister, Kim Howells alike. Slim says, “There was a lot of negativity going around back in 1999 and even now it seems like every Spring / Summer there’s some potentially deadly feud happening between one side of North West London and the other.

I wrote Blood Puddles to point out to everyone that there really is no need for the violence. The lyrics are designed to provoke thought, to make a man think of the consequences before he takes the life of the next man” Slim, talking candidly about his past, reasons what he believes pushes many black youths into crime, “To be honest, there was a point in my life after I left school, nothing was happening for me, I found myself drawn to the glamour of the gang lifestyle and very much wanting to fit in. Fortunately, my mother kept drumming into me the gravity of my actions plus being around people involved in the lifestyle I soon recognised that I didn’t want to end up in goal or in a coffin. The gang lifestyle is very much glorified and attractive to some black youths as a quick way to make money. What I would like to do is show people that you don’t have to make it that way. I know that a lot of people who are into the gangs are also into music. If people see me and say there goes Slim, I used to see him bopping through Harlesden, now look at him, he’s on TV and in magazines, he’s made it so can I, then for me that is positive”

Certainly, Slim Dutty early forays into the music industry betray personal insight into the life of gangs, drugs and guns he denounces in Blood Puddles. Originally one half of the hip-hop duo North West 10, Slim Dutty and his co collaborator Carlos, signed to Trinity Records in 2001 and had their very first single, released on promotion called Prestige, played on the various community radio stations including Choice FM. Their next single, the underground hit titled So Dam Tuff, had the rap pair mapped out for serious big things. However, by some cruel twist of fate Slim found himself denied his musical legacy after Carlos, his partner in rhyme, ended up with a long spell in HMP. This could have spelt tragedy for Slim’s career in the music industry but fortunately he had the unequivocal backing of the record company Trinity Records; they agreed that he should battle on in the form of a solo artist. Slim has a philosophical take on the enforced transition of one half of a duo to a full- blooded soloist when he muses ”What cannot kill me can only make me stronger”. Under his pseudonym Slim Dutty he released his first solo effort.

This first solo for Trinity Records was called Right Now, with the beats supplied by Jixsor X. Slim, explains “Right Now was put together as a way of introducing myself to the people, and letting them know exactly where I’m at right now as a solo artist. The single featured underground artists that included Class A, and established professionals like Skeme, he came on and blessed the track, yeah and two guys from Nottingham they came on and they were cool”. Right Now justifiably got a good response from radio, Tim Westwood played it on his Radio 1 FM show and once again Slim in his new solo guise continued to receive much love from London’s Choice FM. For his future ambitions Slim wants to put his beloved North West London on the map. He's big plans to establish his own production base, namely Dutty Fam’ productions. Bringing some of the best urban talent together in its raw form and putting his Dutty Fam’ signature to it. Slim wants to be the best out there. “To be at the pinnacle”, he states as a matter of fact. There is no questioning Slim’s ability to carry out his threats for urban UK domination.