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Slim DUTTY is riding high right now; his hard-hitting anti gangsta rap single Blood Puddles of his much anticipated debut album

The Story So Far, had received one of the highest numbers of requests on urban cable station Channel U. The aforementioned single also bought him kudos in abundance in his hometown of Harlesden where the residents are fed-up of the weekly gun violence.

On his second single Slim has dropped the angry rapper tag with requests for the ladies to Party Wid Me. This is the single that introduced the world to various members of Slim’s creative collective namely the DUTTY FAM clique and successfully combined old skool beats with post millennium style party hooks. What’s more, Party Wid Me has bought Slim a whole new legion of fans in the heart of conservative London.

Top Shop’s flagship Oxford Street store in a brilliant coop at street credibility has added the video for Party Wid Me to their play list. Slim’s soon to be released third single Look 2 Good finds Slim on the ‘lurve’ tip with wait for it, his ex girlfriend. According to Slim, “The idea for the single came about after my ex girlfriend gave me a picture of her on my birthday and I remember thinking, wow this girl looks to good for her own good.

The whole idea for the album was to take snapshots of situations that were happening in my life and she was most definitely one of them.” Look 2 good has all the hallmarks of being a future classic with that enduring summer vibe that people love, featuring (on the Nutty P remix for Creative Circle Ent.) the syrupy vocals of the talented R&B artist - Perry Morgan. In years to come music lovers of every persuasion will still be requesting their favourite DJ to play this single.




Look 2 Good (official release)
Party Wid Me
Blood Puddles

Look 2 Good (official release)
Album Samples - The Story So Far

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Press Cuts (zip)
Look 2 Good Notes
The Story so Far Album Notes

Look 2 Good has that crossover appeal for national radio and chart success but still manages to retain the street integrity that true hip hop headz appreciate. As for Slim DUTTY, he just wants to prove to the world that he is a phenomenally gifted producer/emcee and he is here to stay so remember the name.

The future is Slim DUTTY. Peace