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Slim’s soon to be released third single Look 2 Good finds Slim on the ‘lurve’ tip with wait for it, his ex girlfriend. According to Slim, “The idea for the single came about after my ex girlfriend gave me a picture of her on my birthday and I remember thinking, wow this girl looks to good for her own good.

Video Samples

Look 2 Good (official release)
Remix - ft Perry Morgan - Creative Circle
Party Wid Me
Blood Puddles


Audio Samples

Look 2 Good (official release)
Remix - ft Perry Morgan - Creative Circle

Slim talking to DJ Semtex on 1XTRA BBC Radio

Album Samples - The Story So Far
Samples from every track on the album


Images - Slideshows

Sample from each track on the album
Image Set 1
Image Set 2
Image Set 3


Scrapbook and Press

Press Cuts
Look 2 Good Notes
The Story so Far Album Notes





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